1. Organization

Swim Run Challenge is an ARB organization.

Email: alirizabilal@gmail.com
Web : www.swimrunchallenge.com

Facebook : SwimRun Challenge Turkey / Eesti
instagram : Swimrunchallenge

2. Conditions of Participation

To participate in the SwimRunChallenge, you must be a team of 2 and team competitors must be over 18 years old.
You can also participate as an individual for SwimRun Tallinn.
No refunds will be made by the organization after the participation fees have been paid. Only in case of a doctor's report, the next race will be registered automatically.
You can change people in the team as long as they are of the same gender.

3. Race Course

Participants will follow the track with GPS.
Competitors who do not follow the area drawn by GPS will be eliminated. (DQ)
4. Equipment

All competitors are obliged to bring the equipment listed below. If they do not bring, they will not be accepted into the race.

Mandatory Equipment:

-For each person-

1 wetsuit
1 GPS watch
1 Whistle
1 pair of Hand pallet
1 Pullboy
Pull cord -if you are racing as a team-
swimming goggles
Equipment to be provided by the organization:

Racing bib's. It should always be above the competitor.
Track GPS track
5. Timing

Timing will be measured from start to finish.
Teams must pass each checkpoint and finish together.
Cut-off (time constraint)

Each team has to pass certain points at certain times. If these points, called cut-off pointsare not passed on time, the team will be disqualified. (DQ)
Cut-off times will be announced at the meeting on the day of the competition.
6. Responsibilities of Competitors


Participants are obliged to know all the rules
Participants are obliged to act with sportsmanship and courtesy towards other participants, spectators, residents and the organization.
Participants may not use any unfair method to gain an advantage.
Doping is strictly prohibited.
In any emergency, the competitors are obliged to help if the organization requests it.
Every participant must come to the registration with a picture ID card.
Competitors must bring their own energy drinks or food. There will be refreshments for the competitors at the start and finish.
If chips are used for timing in the competition, each competitor is obliged to return the chips to the organization after the race is over.
If chips are used for timing in the competition, competitors must pay 30 Euros per person for chips that are not returned or lost. It is also grounds for disqualification. DQ


The competition track is opened 3 days before the registration on the website. You can follow the clinics on the website to race or train on the competition track.

Competitors participate in the competition voluntarily. The organization cannot be held responsible for any accident that may occur during the competition.
Team members cannot be more than 10 meters away from each other. They must race together. They must cross the finish line together in order to be ranked.
Competitors are responsible and obliged to help an injured team competing in another team.
Any person or team leaving the race is obliged to inform the organization team.
It is forbidden to throw garbage on the ground at any point of the race. It is also grounds 
for disqualification. DQ
7. Race Appeals

Race objections must be made in writing after the race is completed. In the objection;

Name of the person or team making the objection
bib number
Written minutes and signatures of witnesses, if any
Time, time and stage information about the objection
It must be written. The objection must be submitted to the organization committee after the 
race is over. The objection can be made to the registration desk.

8. Getting Outside Help

It is strictly forbidden to seek outside help. Teams can only help each other.

9. General Safety Rules

Competitors in the same team must constantly move together with each other. The distance 
between them cannot be more than 10 meters.
The referees have the right to stop the team if they think that the competitor will not be 
able to finish due to any discomfort or fatigue.
11. Photograph and Film Rights

On the day of the competition, the race will be filmed by the organization. It can also be broadcast on TV by the sponsoring media.

Professional photographers will also be present on the track on the day of the competition. 
Competitors are deemed to have accepted this.

12. Accepting the Rules

By participating in the competition, the contestants have accepted that they will abide by all the rules stated above.