21 August 2022-Rohuneeme- Tallinn Estonia

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We also recommend that you read the Rules

Competition numbers will be distributed in the race area at 10:00 in the morning. The competition starts at 11:00. However, those who have not received their number at 10:00 in the morning cannot start the race. Therefore, teams must be at the race area by 10:00 at the latest.

Registration fee:

20 Euros for each competitor until 1 August

From 1 August to 21 August 25 Euros

Registration between 09:00 and 09:30 in the morning of Yaris is 30 Euros.

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To pay the registration fee

AliRiza Bilal LHV bank EE237700771004339433 Please write the name of the explanation part.

Team: The SwimRun Challenge is a team and individual competition.

Men/men, women/women or mixed races can be competed.

There is a 50 team limit for the first race.

Safety: All of the swimming stages will be in the sea. It will ensure the safety of seakayaks and a motorboat at sea. Participants who participate as a team must be connected to each other.

Nutrition: There will be various refreshments in the start area. Since the competition is sprint, there is only one water point in the track.
Route: In adventure races and running races, the tracks are marked with red stripes, and then these plastic signs can be forgotten in nature, thus creating waste for nature.

We do not use any sign or plastic material in our competition to protect our nature. We will/may have flags only at the beginning of swimming stages. Other than that, there will be no signs on our route.

So how will you find the way?

It has become very easy to race with the routes loaded on smart GPS watches. We will use technology. Each registered team will download the link from our website to their computers and then upload it to their watch. They will race by following these routes on the race day. You can also download and use the map of the competition by clicking here.

Equipment: Each team member must wear a wetsuit.

It is free to wear compression socks on your feet.

When swimming, you have to swim with shoes on your feet. You will continue jogging as soon as you finish swimming. However, it is obligatory to put a pull-up length between your legs and swim with a hand flipper while swimming.

Team members must be tied to each other by means of a rubber cord/rope so that they do not   break away from each other during long swimming stages. It is mandatory to use the traction  cord / rubber when swimming in the crew. So how to use this equipment you can click here to  watch) if you are a individual competitor you should carry.


Of course, it is a must for every team to have a watch with GPS and a route upload so that you can find your way.